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project work with ARM based Microcontrollers
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Implement Real-World Embedded System Projects on a Simulated Microcontroller

Almost every electrical device we use in our daily life is an embedded system. Nowadays one can have an embedded lab for DIY projects, thanks to developments in embedded systems like Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano, specifically manufactured for this purpose. It doesn’t just stop at DIY projects but helps you to turn yourself into an expert, and to find your niche in fields like AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. Learn how electronic gadgets are designed, developed, and built as embedded systems that shape the world.

The embedded systems course is aimed at providing high quality training to software engineers as well as those who wish to enter this field. In this course, students can learn practical lessons and techniques used to design, implement, integrate and test software used for advanced embedded systems. The course offers the trainees with detailed description of the life-cycle for designing multi-objective and multi-discipline embedded systems.

Courses are framed such that

  • Concepts from the basic to advanced level of Microcontroller.
  • Detailing about each peripheral included in each microcontroller.
  • In-depth training on Embedded C and Python is the most important aspect in designing an Embedded system.
  • Interfacing of various communication devices and Sensors.
  • Training on various Communication Protocols and their applications and also illustrate real-time operations of a system.
  • Providing deep learning on IoT and Robotics which incorporate AI basics.
  • Understanding of what an Embedded System project is, the activities it involves, and suggestion of own project concepts.

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Student Projects

  • AC Service Management System for Premium Air Conditioning and Refrigeration W.L.L, Bahrain.
  • Hospital Management System.Developed by conqcorp Technopshere
  • Squatspro Gym Management system , Developed by conqcorp Technopshere
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The placement cell is the most important wing of conqcorp Management Solution which is dedicated to placing students in different IT companies. Even after the student completes the course the student can keep applying for job opportunities brought by the cell.

The cell apprises students of the required industry standards through interactions with working professionals in the global industry.

Placement Oriented Training

Main focus of each course is to ensure that the training helps the student to get placed
  • The curriculum is created and taught by industry experts.
  • Live project execution under professional guidance.
  • A systematic approach in teaching topics relevant to the industry.
  • Special modules on CV writing, Interview training,aptitude etc.
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