Artifical Intelligence

conqcorp Management Solution offers a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence program that will help you work on today’s cutting-edge technology Artificial Intelligence (AI). This training program will help you master convolutional neural networks (CNN), perceptron in CNN, TensorFlow, TensorFlow code, transfer learning, graph visualization, recurrent neural networks (RNN), Deep Learning libraries, GPU in Deep Learning, Keras and TFLearn APIs, backpropagation, and hyperparameters via hands-on projects. Therefore, learn AI by enrolling in the Artificial Intelligence course using TensorFlow and become a successful Artificial¬†Intelligence Engineer!

The main goal of this course is to familiarize you with all aspects of AI so that you can start your career as an artificial intelligence engineer. A few of the many topics/modules that you will learn in the program are:

  1. Basics of Deep Learning techniques
  2. Understanding artificial neural networks
  3. Training a neural network using the training data
  4. Convolutional neural networks and its applications
  5. TensorFlow and Tensor processing units
  6. Supervised and unsupervised learning methods
  7. Machine Learning using Python
  8. Applications of Deep Learning in image recognition, NLP, etc.
  9. Real-world projects in recommender systems, etc.

Course Duration : 700 hrs, 5hrs/day, 5days in week